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Comer C50 - 2-Stroke 50cc Engine

Comer C50
50cc 2-Stroke Engine

The Comer C50 engine package is designed for the youngest age group, kids ranging from 5 to 7 years in age.

This 2-stroke 50cc engine package is well suited for use in the beginner class, allowing both the kids and their parents to learn the fundamentals of karting, prior to moving up into an older age bracket or class.

  • 50cc 2-Cycle Engine
  • 1.8 Horsepower
  • For Kid Kart Competition

The Comer C50 engine is reliable, as well as easy to tune and maintain.

Comer C50 - 2-stroke 50cc engine.
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2-Stroke 50cc Engine - Comer C50