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ICC 125cc TM K9 - TM K9 125cc 2-Stroke

ICC 125cc TM K9B

The 2006 TM ICC engine is based upon the solid design from the previous years.

Factory improvements, from the privious year, include an additional water jacket in the case, along with modifications to the cylinder and intake.

Solid gains are to be found, in our reworking of the ports and cylinder head.

ICC 125cc TM K9B 2-stroke engine
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ICC 125cc TM K9B Engine Specs
Bore: 54mm   Exhaust: 193 degrees
Stroke: 54.43mm   Weight: 39 lbs
Rod: 109.8mm   Timing: 1.7mm
Induction: 4-petal   Clutch: Dry
ICC 125cc TM K9B Gearbox Ratios (Primary:  19/75)
1st Gear: 13/33   4th Gear: 22/27
2nd Gear: 16/29   5th Gear: 22/23
3rd Gear: 18/27   6th Gear: 27/25

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TM K9 125cc 2-Stroke - ICC 125cc TM K9