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IAME 125cc Parilla Leopard - Parilla Leopard 125cc 2-Stroke

TaG 125cc Parilla Leopard

The Parilla 125cc Leopard is a 2-stroke Touch and Go (TaG) racing engine, designed for the recreational racer.

The Parilla Leopard TaG engine utilizes a built in starter and charging system to keep you on the go.

Parilla Leopard IAME 125cc 2-stroke engine
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Parilla Leopard IAME 125cc 2-stroke engine
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What SwedeTech Offers

We can build your IAME Parilla Leopard engine to TaG USA or NorCal rules, having found gains on the dyno and on the race track, over "out of the box" packages.

Our staff inspects each and every part, to ensure that your Leopard engine is assembled to precise specifications.


Parilla Leopard 125c Specs
Version LSJ - 2005.4 PDF 1.17Mb

Parilla Leopard Manual
MAN-016 D PDF 3.93Mb

IAME 125cc Parilla Leopard Engine Specs
Cylinder volume: 123.67cc   Induction: Reed valve
Bore: 54mm   Carburetor: 23mm venturi
Stroke: 54mm   Cooling: Water-cooled
Rod: 102mm   Clutch: Dry centrifugal

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Parilla Leopard 125cc 2-Stroke - IAME 125cc Parilla Leopard